What is so SUGOI about SUGOI?

What is so SUGOI about SUGOI?

Let’s talk about our company name SUGOI. (which means AMAZING in Japanese).

While we’re proud of such an unusual company name, it’s not often considered a company name.

It brings so much laughter into our daily routine.

“Thank you for calling. This is SUGOI (AMAZING).” No matter how well we say such a sentence, the response is the same. “Excuse me? May I have your company name, please?” If we answer “Yes, our company name is ‘SUGOI (AMAZING)’”, the caller will probably think we’re just too conceited about our company name.

So, instead, we spell it. “S‧U‧G‧O‧I, SUGOI.” “Ah, Sugoi (Amazing)!” We’re not sure whether the caller really feels amazing or simply repeats our company name. Anyway, it’s such an inconvenient name during the phone call.

On the other hand, it’s such a great name that it brings many unforgettable impacts & it acts as a lubricant when our clients want to say “This is amazing” in the meeting.

The name SUGOI is such an interjection.

The company name SUGOI comes from the moment we say SUGOI when love and idea are combined.

“LOVE” x “IDEA” = “SUGOI” 

This is the formula behind SUGOI.

What “love” means to SUGOI is to provide a safe and secure place. To further elaborate:

• Be kind and friendly
• Be considerate
• Be honest & sincere
• Be fair
• Be healthy
• Be courteous
• Be able to show weakness
• Be thoughtful of others
• Be prospecting
• Try it before deny it
• Don't compromise, communicate

And what “idea” means to SUGOI is to take courage and dare to think beyond reality. To break it down further:

• To spread messages
• To challenge
• Not bound by the existing framework
• Be excited
• Be thrilled
• Be constantly changing
• Embrace surprise
• Embrace the unpredictable
• Keep exploring
• Value small things
• Be stupid

SUGOI is the product of “love” & “idea”. For example, SUGOI

• keeps on challenging while being kind
• keeps being thoughtful and considerate of others while staying stupid.
• shares weaknesses and at the same time looks for a way to change.
• continues to look for possibilities without compromising.
• does not get stuck in an existing framework in order to create a fair environment.
• spread messages in a sincere and honest way.

We’ll keep these important values about “love” and “idea” in mind and spread SUGOI to the world.

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