What we talk about when we talk about "liking our jobs"?

What we talk about when we talk about "liking our jobs"?

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For the past 5-10 years, the value of “working” has changed significantly.

In the past, working was a pain. Making money was compensation for being suffered. But lately, people live by what they like, working with "likings" are getting common in society. 

In fact, because the ways of making money have been diversifying, the chance of choosing your own profession has also increased significantly.

Having said that, people who go for job hunting nowadays don’t seem to look happier than before and we could still hear people complain about their jobs from time to time.

SUGOI’s CEO, Akiba Youji used to be in the same trouble when he was in his 20s. Although, as a company’s CEO, he is now pursuing not only likings of his own but also the interests of his employees, he had a hard time in his career. 

As a new graduate, he started his career working as a video director in a commercial production company, where it sounded like a perfect story of "turning interests into a profession"

Yet, it was the moment which he started to get confused.

Although he was doing everything that he used to dream about; having meetings with the clients, drafting storyboards, making videos, etc. For some reason, it didn’t quite work out for him.

What should I do? Why doesn’t it work? With all the frustrations in his mind, he decided to quit his favourite job as a “director” in a year.

Two years later, Akiba restarted his career again as a freelance director which he could finally enjoy his work.

It may seem that whether working as a freelancer or working inside a company, the important thing is “to do what we like to do”.

“It’s not the case”, Akiba said. “If so, it wouldn’t justify the reason to start a company called SUGOI”.

What he had found in the two-year blank period was that “liking” was not a noun.

I want to be a Creator; a Director; a YouTuber, a Gamer, etc; In the above cases, “likings" are attached to the noun.

Just like Akiba in his 20s, many people don’t realize that all those nouns are in fact, the assemblage of many verbs.

For example, being a creator, it is not only about “to make”, but also “to listen”, “to discuss”, “to convey”, “to think”, “to try doing”, “to do over again”, “to conclude”, etc. The job can only be made possible with all the above verbs join together.

Most of the jobs are not made up of titles and nouns but a collection of verbs.

Akiba started to fall in love with those verbs. It was the moment when he started to enjoy his job.

If you want to turn your own“liking” into your profession, please think of it as a collection of verbs but not as a noun. You may then find a lot of joys at your work. 

For a detailed story about Akiba’s career change, please have a look at his personal note. (Japanese only)




株式会社SUGOI  愛とアイデアのある会社
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