Keep playing, keep learning, no matter how old we get — Introducing “OUR” series.

Keep playing, keep learning, no matter how old we get — Introducing “OUR” series.

We’ve created a new ”place” for people to continue playing and learning.
“OUR” series consists of three parts: Our Classroom (僕らの教室), Our After-school (僕らの放課後), Our Notebook (僕らの学習帳).
(*contents currently available in Japanese only)

Our Classroom 僕らの教室 

Here COO Yuichi Komori has summarized a book in an easy-to-understand manner. We‘d like to introduce the knowledge in the books through playing and learning.

It’s recommended for people who want to gain new knowledge, people who love books, people who often raise questions or people who want to read more books but for some reason couldn’t do it.

Our After-school 僕らの放課後 

This part consists of a casual conversation between CEO Youji Akiba & COO Yuichi Komori about the contents of “Our Classroom”. This is exactly like what we think about “after-school”. Here they share their views with their personal & working experience. It’s for people who like to think from a different perspective and raise questions instead of looking for a well-defined answer. This session contains a Youtube version and a Podcast (Spotify) version.

Youtube version:

Podcast (Spotify) version:

Our Notebook 僕らの学習帳 

“Our Notebook” consists of a series of notes that explains the easy-to-understand contents from “Our Classroom” & “Our After-school” in text form. Sometimes we explain the classroom and after school content in a simpler way, sometimes we wrote things that couldn’t be explained clearly by talking.

It’s made for those who prefer text media than video or audio, who want to know more after besides “Our Classroom” & “Our After-school”, or those who simply want to discover more questions.

What we want to convey in “Our Classroom”, “Our After-school” & “Our Notebook” is that finding questions itself is, in fact, a fun experience where you can enjoy playing and learning at the same time.

No matter how old you are and where you are, we wish you enjoy learning and playing in your life.

Original article in Japanese:
いくつになっても、遊びつづける、学びつづける 〜僕らのシリーズを始めます


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