Six important values in SUGOI in order to create a world with love and ideas

Six important values in SUGOI in order to create a world with love and ideas

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SUGOI is an interdisciplinary creative studio with the tagline “Company with love and ideas”

Though we’ve been working based on “Love & Ideas”, they are vague words with meanings that vary with personal perception.

What does it actually mean “a person with love”? Or “a person with ideas”?

Let’s further elaborate with the help of the following book:
**It's Hard to Be Here: A Note on Care and Therapy
original title: 居るのはつらいよ: ケアとセラピーについての覚書 

There’re two words “Care” & “Therapy" introduced in the book which may be rather similar and confusing, but the book vividly explains the difference between these two words.

And the difference fits exactly in describing “Love and Ideas”, although it’s not often easily get confused.

First, “Care”, which, for SUGOI, “Love”, means let the person feel a sense of belonging.

“There’s no place in the company where I belong!”
“Is my status alright?”
Such situations often make us very uncomfortable.

To prevent this, we have to create a safe and secure place with “Care”, that is, with “Love” in SUGOI.

“LOVE” is to create a safe and secure place

On the other hand, “Therapy”, that is, “Idea” in SUGOI, is to remind themselves of what is really important.

For example, when a young person says: “I want to be famous!” To “care” means to listen attentively, stay engaged with positive affirmations.

When it comes to “Therapy”, it is to identify the reason why the speaker “wants to be famous”, to make the goal more concrete together with the speaker.

The root of wanting to be famous may be to prove themselves worthy of respect, the desire to break through certain obstacles that stop them from being famous, or simply the pressure from their parents.

It's never easy to deal with such individual wishes, complexities, and wounds.

Here, we need the courage to face such a situation. And such courage is what “Idea” means to SUGOI.

“IDEA” means to reach beyond the boundaries of the reality.
So, having love and ideas means to create a safe and secure place, and then having the courage to reach beyond reality.

Of course, it’s never an easy task, so we have 6 values in total, including love and ideas, that we should always be aware of in order to be such a company.

Important VALUE in SUGOI: Love・Wholeness・Enjoy・Idea・Identity・ Futuring

As mentioned before, “Love”, is to create a safe and secure place. Yet it is not easy to be relieved even if you are told to be safe.

So, “Wholeness” & “Enjoy” are needed.

“Wholeness” is an essential value in the teal organization, which means not completely differentiate between being at home and being in the company.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should continue to work at home after working hours. It means not to hide the weaknesses that everybody has.
If you try to hide your weaknesses, you’ll end up being tired of it. Instead, “Wholeness” means trying to share your weakness and making a relationship with them.)

At that time, it’s important to “Enjoy” it.

When you are assigned a job that you are not good at it, it’s tough. So it is important to show your weakness honestly (wholeness) and to find out how to enjoy it. This is what it means to be working in a creative studio.

In short, to create a safe and secure place with love, we should always enjoy different types of tasks, and share the weaknesses we have.

Once the safe and secure place is created, it’s time to think beyond reality and make a better world.

Here it comes to the importance of the “Idea”. Just as mentioned before, it is the courage to reach beyond reality.

However, we may get stuck here. Where could we go even if we were told to go beyond reality?

“Identity” & “Futuring” will lead us to our destination.

For example, in the previous case where the young man wants to be famous. It’s not like we would tell him what to do in order to go viral or get famous.

First, we should ask, why he wanted to become famous in the first place? we dig deep enough into the core of our thoughts, we will find the identity.
In other words, Identity is our willingness, the undiscovered mind hidden deep down in our thoughts — a thought that is unique to each person.

Once we come across our identity, we should always keep it in mind while looking ahead. If we imagine our future with such “Identity” in mind, the true wish will be born.

“Futuring” is the process to find out what we are passionate about and what we want our future to be like.

Continuing to ask yourself "why" and reaching the destination is “Identity”. To rethink where you want to go is “Futuring”. And when you see the future, all you need is “Ideas”, the courage to reach beyond what we think of as reality.

To put it simply, Identity looks back to the past, Futuring looks forward to the future, and Idea goes beyond reality.

These are the core values to SUGOI, the company with love and ideas.
We want to create a safe and secure place with “Love” and provide “Ideas”, the courage to cross the boundary.

Original article in Japanese:
愛とアイデアのある世の中をつくりたいSUGOIが⼤大切にしてい る6つの価値観




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