Keep reaching out for creators in

Keep reaching out for creators in

Recently, we have started a section on named “notes sending with love and ideas” (愛とアイデアを送りたいnote), it is a collection of texts in with “love & ideas”. It doesn’t matter whether they are famous, not famous, an individual, a corporation, or an organization. As long as their texts move us, we introduce them to everyone. has been growing quickly lately and has attracted lots of writers. SUGOI is one of them. Some people who write about their company like SUGOI, some people write about their family, some write about their interesting life while some write about their sad experiences. 

However, among so many different thoughts & texts (photos and sounds as well) being published, lots of them are left unread. We want those voice to be heard, and those text to be read. Just like every speaker needs a listener, there are lots of great text waiting for their readers.

That’s why we’ve created this section - sending notes with love and ideas 「愛とアイデアを送りたい note」

SUGOI’s vision is “to create a world full of love and ideas”. It will be a long run before we could reach the destination.

It’s not possible to know about the destination, but we could choose to walk in pain or enjoy the walking process.

Of course, SUGOI wants to walk the path happily and would like to walk with lots of people together.

So, in such “town” full of thoughts, we would like to continue to meet people, support them and walk with them together, so that one day we could reach “the world full of love and ideas”. With that in mind, we’ve started this section.

Through this section, we hope those wonderful people could be discovered. 

The section will be on an irregular basis, please come and check from time to time.

(*This creator's section contains texts in Japanese only)

Original article in Japanese:


「つくりもの」をつくらない、つくる会社 | メンバー全員がクリエイター | 企画立案から実制作まで、「愛とアイデア」をもって行います | 映像、グラフィック、ウェブ、ブランド、プロジェクションマッピング、ホログラム、etc | note毎日更新しています、フォローお願いします!