Playing with books (本で遊ぶじかん) — an event to encounter and interact with great people

Playing with books (本で遊ぶじかん) — an event to encounter and interact with great people

There is a problem being a book lover.

The world is no longer the same at the moment when we finish reading a book. We feel excited to grab the secret of the world. Yet while we soak up the excitement, we find that nobody can share with us. We find ourself alone in the sea of new knowledge.

“Maybe I could share such excitement so that everyone can get it?” That’s probably one of the book lovers’ dream. Yet, rather than simply sharing “a set of” book review, isn’t it more thrilled if everyone could bring up their own findings and combine them? With that in mind, we want to create a space where people could gather and read books.

That’s how “Playing with books (本で遊ぶじかん)” begins.

It’s an event where great people and great books gather at the same place.

Since last year, we have been holding this event every month, as long as time allows.

It is held on the third Wednesday of every month at 7 pm. People who gathered there and SUGOI’s members join together to read a book, each person presents the content of their parts and everyone would voice their opinions after that.

There is no need for any preparation nor to read the book beforehand. You can simply come and enjoy it.

The event starts at 7 pm, and everyone gathers in our office where drinks and snacks are offered.

Once everyone gathered, the event starts. First, everyone introduces themselves and they will have a brief chat. Then we will start our main event “Playing with books”. Everyone will receive one small part of a book. They will then read it, interpret it in their way and present that specific part to everyone.

You will be surprised how people from different ages, genders, occupations join together and seriously discuss one book.


Exaggeratedly speaking, it would be our pleasure to see the world being changed bit by bit through this event. We feel glad to communicate with people with different standpoints.

Even though it might be the first time everyone met each other, people could have a great talk through their opinion sharings.

We look forward to seeing you at the coming event.

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